Do you have questions about annuities? Or maybe you’re just curious as to how Ty J. Young Inc. operates? We’ve created this Ty J. Young FAQ page to answer some of the questions you may have and to provide insight into our retirement investing philosophy.

Click a link below to hear Ty J. Young answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

  I don’t like annuities, but I want my money protected. What are my options? Why would I put an annuity inside my IRA? What if the insurance company goes belly up? What insurance company is this through? Do you work with just one? I’ve lost a lot in the market. I’ve got to wait for the market to come back before I move to an annuity. I think I want a hybrid annuity. What is a crediting method? When the market goes up 10%, I get 10%, right? Can I move from my current IRA or 401K to an annuity without taxation? How long do I have to wait to get my money out? Is it smart to tie up my money for several years, and what if I die? How does Ty J. Young make money if you don’t charge a fee? You say the historical average is 6-8%. What can I realistically expect? I’ve heard you guarantee 6-8%, is that correct? My broker says he can get the same thing, why can’t I use him/her? I have an IRA, but I have to take the Required Minimum Distribution. How do I know you guys aren’t Bernie Madoff? I want to see something in writing. Will you send a prospectus? I want to move my IRA, but I don’t want to pay the taxes. I want to talk to my children first.