Ty J. Young Inc. is a nationwide Wealth Management firm with corporate headquarters located in Atlanta, GA. The firm was founded by Ty J. Young in 1998. Young has been in the finance, securities, and insurance industry for over 20 years.

The firm was created after Young saw many people had all their hard-earned retirement dollars in a place where they could lose it, just because they didn’t know what else to do. However, they were taking risk with money they were not willing to lose.

Ty J. Young Inc. is uniquely focused on three of the most critical areas of investing: safety of principal, reasonable rate of return, and keeping it simple.

Our team is made up of qualified executives, advisors, and administrative professionals whose mission is to make a positive difference in every life they touch. With clients in all 50 states, our team works hard each day to fulfill any client needs in a prompt and precise manner.

Mission Statement:
Make a positive difference in every life that we touch.

To quote Ty Young, “Sales is helping people make the very best decision they can possibly make for themselves.

The firm is uniquely focused on 3 of the most critical areas of investing:


Safety of principal.


Reasonable rate of return.


Keep it simple.

THESE are basic needs of investors!