Who is Ty J. Young, Inc. Wealth Management?

Ty J. Young Inc. is a nationwide Wealth Management firm with our corporate headquarters located in Atlanta, GA. The firm was founded by Ty J. Young in 1998. Young has been in the finance, securities, and insurance industry for over 20 years.

The firm was created when Young recognized much of the investing public was placing their hard-earned retirement dollars in volatile markets, just because they didn’t know what else to do. They were taking risks with money they weren’t willing to lose.

Our team is made up of qualified executives, advisors, and administrative professionals who want to change that approach to building and managing a client’s retirement. We’re uniquely focused on three key goals: safety of principal, a reasonable rate of return, and keeping it simple. With clients in all 50 states, our team works hard, helping people achieve their American Dream.

Ty J. Young, Inc. National Headquarters

Who is Ty Young?

  • Founded what has become Ty J. Young, Inc. Wealth Management over twenty years ago with a passion for asset protection and a reasonable rate of return.
  • Appeared as a frequent guest in national media outlets such as CNN International, CNBC, Fox News Channel (FNC) and the Fox Business Network (FBN).
  • One of the first, and now leading, investment professionals to utilize principal protection products as a vehicle for his client’s retirement planning. 
  • Began his wealth management career at Bear Stearns.
  • Attended and played football at Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Raised in a military family.

Ty has been married for almost 25 years and has three teenage / young adult children. In his spare time, Ty enjoys biking and car racing. He’s won numerous awards for his racing and he’s a member of the Sports Car Club of America. Ty also loves animals and he’s crazy about his English Mastiffs, Annabelle & Lucy.