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Facts That Make You Smarter

Election is Over: Who Were the Winners and Losers?

November 9, 2018

Thanks to social media and 24-hour cable news, it feels like modern America lives in a perpetual news cycle … and a perpetual election cycle. The most recent of the…

What Keeps Us Awake at Night…

November 2, 2018

We never hide our excitement for this economy.  Even with spiked volatility and the inevitable business cycle expectation of a stock market correction, the economy itself continues to hum along!…

Trump Announces Withdrawal from Historic INF Treaty 

October 26, 2018

President Trump announced this week the United States would be withdrawing from the historic Cold War era arms control agreement known as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty).  His…

Trump Says the Fed is Loco … Here’s Why He May be Right

October 19, 2018

Over the last 2 weeks the stock market has been on a wild ride, and for the most part a downward slope.  Last week the Dow dropped for 6 straight…

Retirement You Earned

7 Tips for Moving to a Smaller Space in Retirement

November 7, 2018

You have everything lined up for your retirement: your funding, your plan, and all the fun you’ll have. Now, it’s time to deal with an important transition: finding where you’ll…

3 Questions to Answer Before You Retire

November 6, 2018

The key to retirement is preparation. However, in order to be fully prepared, you have to know about the process—inside and out. In fact, you shouldn’t let yourself rest until…

What to Expect If You’re Retiring with a Pension

October 31, 2018

Pensions can drastically improve your financial status during your retirement. Offered by your employer, this handy program benefits one out of five American workforce members. Though not all of us…

Financing Assisted Living: What You Need to Know

October 30, 2018

Financing assisted living can be tricky. After all, for many people enjoying the reinvention phase of their lives, the need may not seem immediate. They may still engage in a…