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Facts That Make You Smarter

Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

November 21, 2017

Americans always have much to be grateful for each Thanksgiving season.  The annual holiday is best known for turkey, two days off from work, and football.  It is a rich…

Milken, Boesky, and the Demise of Drexel Burnham Lambert

November 16, 2017

The rise of our stock market to new highs seemingly every week can be attributed to many factors, many of which were based upon the easy money policies of the…

God Bless Our Veterans

November 9, 2017

Veterans Day is celebrated each year in the United States on November 11th.  We recognize, as a country, all our veterans who have served in the armed forces and helped…

Russian Collusion is the Headline of the Day

November 1, 2017

All of us prefer to be focusing on family, kids, work, and when planning our savings and money, we would like to focus on the best ways to grow and…

Retirement You Earned

Moving in Retirement? Ask Yourself These Questions First

November 23, 2017

Moving in retirement is a decision that many retirees make, whether they want to reduce their cost of living, move closer to loved ones, live somewhere with more opportunities to…

A Quick Look at Americans’ Thanksgiving Spending

November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, millions of Americans will gather around feast-filled tables to visit with loved ones, express gratitude for the people, places and things they are thankful for and of…

The Pros and Cons of 12 Potential Retirement Towns

November 21, 2017

Have you thought about where you want to live in retirement? Some of us may dream of retiring abroad, others may anticipate moving cross-country, while still others just want to…

7 Staples of a Happy Retirement

November 20, 2017

We strive to make decisions that will lead to happiness throughout our lives, and this includes being happy in retirement. Retirement can be an emotionally trying time, as you figure…